The concept’s objectives and benefits

The Seminar Tool Box (STB) is an innovative online shop that helps drive revenue/margin growth on the residential and non-residential segments. It provides a prospect, firm or destination management company (DMC) with access to the following features and advantages:

  • Design an event or residential seminar online
  • Receive a quote in real time with fully-adjustable parameters
  • Download the event’s customised storyboard: a detailed description of organisational aspects, in a professional, high-quality presentation
  • Quickly and automatically generate an illustrated decision-making brochure for the end-client or DMC
  • Enable seminar or event participants to register, make reservations, and pay for their participation individually and autonomously
  • Dramatically reduce the time our clients and our sales teams spend on administrative tasks*
  • Automatically calculate agency commissions (through a system of special professional codes to track purchases and allocate related commissions)
  • Allow the sales teams of the group’s hotels to focus their efforts on the closing (finalising contracts, handling special discounts and obtaining signatures)

* According to a 2011 research study by TIA, sampling ten 4-star hotels, an analysis of the sales team’s working hours showed that 85% of their time was spent on administrative tasks and exchanging information

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