Distressed Asset Management

As a Real Estate owner, are you looking for a trustworthy Distressed Asset Manager, expert in hospitality asset recovery, who will focus on restructuring property operations, its management capacities and its capital structure?

Then we are the team you are looking for. Our resources are ready to handle your challenge.

We are the best distressed Asset Manager you will find for hospitality assets, simply because we are considered today as the European specialists for the turnaround business.

Monitoring and managing hospitality assets require a particular base of knowledge and expertise that spans areas of management, marketing, payroll, energy, maintenance and capital. Many of our competitors are aware of these issues; we practice them for our clients on a daily basis.

Be assured that maximizing the value of your assets is our first credo and that we have developed procedures to:

  • Generate a turnaround roadmap in very short term and follow up on its execution with the operations manager.
  • Assess your operations performance on a monthly basis through our specific software.
  • Prepare financial projections and valuations of your assets.
  • Ensure  that your operations management is focused on the critical elements of success
    (Sales & Marketing strategy, Yield Management and capital improvements)
  • Plan and monitor of the CapEx, required to optimize assets’ positioning and prevent losses.
  • Review the property’s development, on-site management policy and franchise standards.

By identifying the opportunities for increasing asset profitability, ensuring the competitiveness of its upkeep and reacting to market changes, we will define a strategy dedicated to each asset.