Operational Management

As a Real Estate owner, are you looking for performing hotel managers who have Inspiration and Resources to turnaround and develop your hotels, resorts and restaurants in challenging times? 
We are here to help you explore new opportunities, pull down the break-even point, restore profitability, as well as manage and sustain growth to maximize your bottom line.

When you entrust your hospitality assets to us, we will dedicate ourselves to running a highly efficient and effective operation in order to allay your concerns about your hospitality assets. We have only one objective: Short term recovery.

You will benefit from the following:

  • A custom-made contract tailored to your unique needs.
  • A short term recovery of the operational performance.
  • High returns on your investment.
  • A clear and reasonable fee structure without any hidden fees.
  • Short or long term financing assistance.
  • A hotel you will be proud to own.

We typically exceed our peer group in returns - why settle for average returns?
Our management expertise spans the full spectrum of services required to develop and operate a successful hotel or resort.

“How we maximize ROI”

We implement typical operational standards which are comparable to those of major hotel chains. The TIA operational procedures obviously include standards for Guest Services, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Back-Office etc...

We will review your staff according to the current economical context, while looking for strong and entrepreneurial General Managers who understand our management culture and have proven their capabilities. We provide them with state-of-the-art management and financial support while holding them accountable for results.

We will implement our management policy, based on the following :

• Decentralized Operations Authority
Centralized support systems and the latest technologies such as IDS CONTROL© support the local General Manager. Daily forecasting and accountability for labor and related costs allow the General Manager to manage in real time.

• Regular Performance Reviews
We deliver monthly reviews and comparisons with annual and quarterly planning. We create action plans in order to capitalize on opportunities and address challenges. We indicate result-driven performance measurements for hotel and personnel evaluations. The incentive program for General Managers is uncomplicated which motivates them and assures a perfect alignment of interests with the owners.

• Quality, Maintenance and Asset Protection
We develop formal, written asset protection and preventive maintenance programs that involve all employees by including checklists for quality assurance. Mystery Guests regularly visit the property. The results of these visits as well as their action plans are available to the owner.

• Results
We pride ourselves on smooth-running hotels that meet the owner's objectives. We are not satisfied with common performance. Hotels under our management consistently produce above-average revenues and operate at below-average costs.