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For Loan portfolio managers it is all about strategy and maintaining the broad, long-term view of the portfolio in the midst of multitudinous data and daily tasks.

Because hospitality collateral is not conventional real estate collateral, you must constantly assess your portfolios in terms of market conditions, running “what-if” scenarios, in order to support your long-term vision for the portfolio in financial and non-financial terms.

You need to get the true picture of the financial aspects of your collateral in real-time and develop the ability to quickly change your management strategy based on current information.

“By managing more than $2b of hotel loans, we know that added value comes from anticipating and actively monitoring.
This is why we developed our ADM software”

software programs

Our tailor-made software allows us to manage our hotel portfolio efficiently and effectively by increasing staff productivity and precisely monitoring cost structure.

A powerful financial system is crucial to achieve maximum profitability. We put a lot of effort in the development of custom-made cost control systems and operational planning tools.

The backbone of TIA’s financial and controlling system is a centralized accounting system, external credit management and cash pooling, if required.
The daily operational management is monitored in real time with in-house developed software.