Who we are

Some of our clients call us when they have concerns about hotels, resorts and restaurants, whether they are lenders or real estate investors. They call us in uncertain times, when they need inspiration and resources to solve their specific issues and recover their assets’ value

Others call us when they have the willingness to realize opportunistic investments in Real Estate in the Lodging and Hospitality industry.

But every client contacts us when they want to be sure to reach the European specialists for short term recovery of distressed Lodging and Hospitality assets.
Our promise is to give accurate and creative solutions, based on facts and figures, for the sole objective to turnaround assets in the short term and maximize clients' bottom line on a sustainable basis.

Thanks to our global hands-on approach of the hospitality industry, both on the investor and on the lender sides, our clients feel free to talk to us because they know we speak the same language. They are convinced we will understand their specific issues whether it is a credit or an investment related issue.

Our taskforce of 15 experts always dedicate all its inspiration and its resources to developing and implementing customized strategies and recover assets’ value.