Our turnaround pivots

In order to accelerate and secure our turnaround strategy we constantly develop concepts and turnaround pivots. Whether restaurants, spas, hotels or resorts, we have established high return marketing and organizational solutions.

The development of these concepts meets several objectives:

  • Reinforcing profit center attractivity and original identity
  • Ensuring fast development and sustainable sales
  • Increasing and organizing profit center sales events
  • Implementing performance standards and procedures which create a unique concept signature
  • Achieving the highest profit return linked to concepts
  • Developing an astounding vehicle for motivating and galvanising the teams

You can discover some of these innovative concepts...

by visiting the following websites:

Live and Life Caffe

Crazy Pearls

Ecce Vino

Rebalance Center


by reading the following PDF: Regain HealthCare Center

Regain Caffè