IDS Spot Check

What is IDS SPOT CHECK© software?

IDS SPOT CHECK © is a package for internal cost audit and operating control. The solution package consists of 36 modules.

Its implementation takes place over a period of 12 to 24 months and allows a comprehensive audit of all areas of activity within an organization's key operational areas, namely: personnel management, administration of consumer goods, analysis of the sales and marketing strategy.

Every spot check was designed in order to gather and enter information in no more than 10 minutes per day.

What is the added value of IDS SPOT CHECK © software?
  • Identifying faulty procedures and poor performance previously undetected or masked.
  • Creating an accurate cost database that facilitates the execution of the budget forecast as precisely as possible.
  • Evaluating your assets’ performance, according to seasonal fluctuations.
  • Understanding the current situation of your cost structure, thanks to a comprehensive graphical analysis.
  • Being alerted when differences in performance between individual establishments occur.
  • Concentrating on the identified weaknesses and comparing performance with other companies using the program within the enterprise group.
  • Tracking and checking the implementation of your recommendations and the performance of your improvements.