IDS Bflex

What is IDS BFLEX© software?

IDS BFLEX© is a comprehensive system for real time budget control. The system consists of a guidance chart and allows for a potential budget by business unit. IDS BFLEX© is the tool for constant control, rapid diagnosis and decision making of managers.

What is the added value of IDS BFLEX© software?
  • Easy installing with help of a balance sheet, an analytical income statement (forecast or current) or even with hypothetical data.
  • Controlling any business unit within your organization with accurate indicators.
  • Estimating total costs per unit sold (room, cover etc.) and measuring the incidence of any variation of sales or cost data.
  • Monitoring your optimal prices, margins and break-even point for every business unit.
  • Comparing your forecast, your potential and your actual figures.
  • Taking in account the seasonality of your business (peak season, low season, inter-season etc.).
  • Contrary to IDS Control, this program can be applied temporarily as well as pinpointing a sensitive business unit within the organization.