IDS Control

What is IDS CONTROL© Software?

IDS CONTROL © is a software package which allows real time and remote managing of your operational performance. It’s the perfect instrument for continual objective/implementation control of the turnaround roadmap. It is a management tool per area of activity, thanks to its break-even simulation.

IDS CONTROL © structures the re-organization's global process, preferably supporting decision-making based on projected analyses. This solution combines operative and strategic variables together with pure accounting elements.

IDS Control© considerably simplifies operations management by setting a limited number of priorities on which business actions are based.

What is the added value of IDS CONTROL© software?
  • Managing your hospitality business in real time and with maximum precision.
  • Reducing the time it takes to create your annual budgets.
  • Introducing annual readjustment of working time.
  • Implementing versatility and flexibility of the working force: transfer (“Inter Jobgroup”)
  • Monitoring each jobgroup’s productivity in real time.
  • Permanent Alert System looking at productivity decrease.