IDS Event

What is IDS EVENTS© software?

IDS EVENT© is a software package dedicated to special occasions (New Year's Eve, banquets, festivals, congresses, catering operations etc.), by means of which the complete planning of an event can be managed. It also serves as a negotiating and selling tool.

What is the added value of IDS EVENTS© software?
  • Realizing quick and very precise quotation.
  • Determining the break-even point of an event.
  • Precisely estimating the total costs per unit sold and measuring the effects of any changes in sales or cost related factors.
  • Calculating optimal prices and margins.
  • Comparing  your PROJECTION (initial budget) and the ACTUAL situation and detecting mismanagement in operations.
  • A control chart that pinpoints each discrepancy and explains every "KEY INDICATOR".
  • Storing all your organized events.