What is ADM© software?

Advanced Debt Monitoring software (ADM) is predictive analytics software allowing reliable models to repeatedly guide decision making in debt management of Hospitality Assets Backed Loans.

It is the first hospitality forecasting solution dedicated to lenders.

When you integrate predictive analysis into key business procedures, the right decisions are made and the best actions are taken on a consistent, repeatable basis.

What is the added value of ADM© software?
  • Realizing operational stress testing of the “Available Cash for Debt Service” of each collateral.
  • Anticipating the exact date of a potential event of default for a specific scenario.
  • Assessing your borrower’s current management platform performance and its abilities to manage economic downturns.
  • Building a comprehensive dialogue tool with the borrower and/or the operations manager.
  • Precisely monitoring a very large amount of hospitality collateral.